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The camp takes place where you are!  The challenges are something you can do in your own time, ever though the camporee has now fnished..

As we were unable to hold a physical BUC Camporee in Scotland this year because of coronavirus restrictions, we wanted to challenge the children who would have attended to have camporee with a difference at home.

The challenges are all based on well-known natural and manmade landmarks from the five regions of the British Union: the Irish Mission, the North England Conference, the Scottish Mission, the South England Conference, and the Welsh Mission.

The aim was to encourage everyone after more than a year in lockdown to have fun indoors and outdoors, to enjoy some exercise activities and to go on a spiritual journey too, all while learning a little more about the countries and regions within the BUC.

There is NO CHARGE to take part in the camporee. Anyone can join in wherever you are in the world.

After each person completes the individual regional challenge, they will be entitled to purchase their medal for that region. You will receive an accompanying lanyard with it - you can select whether you would like an Adventurer, Pathfinder or Master Guide design. The medals will be available for purchase from the BUC online shop: www.pfclub.co.uk

You can also purchase a commemorative camporee patch from the online shop.

When someone selects a regional challenge they will need to complete each of the separate activities listed in order to earn the medal.

For example, if a child chooses to do the South England Adventurer challenge, they will have to:

  • - walk 1458 steps each day
  • - complete 11 miles over the course of the month
  • - do a 30 minute workout each weekday of the challenge period
  • - make a Creation journal
  • - complete one of the selected awards (using the e-Club awards) at some point in the month
  • - and represent an SEC landmark in some artform.

If ALL of those activities has been completed by the child and the club leader has seen evidence of this, then the child will be entitled to purchase the South England medal with the Adventurer ribbon, and the director will be entitled to add the 120 points to their club score.

The bonus challenges are just that, and do not count towards a medal.

You can decide as a church group to do one challenge set together e.g. everyone in your club will be doing the Irish Mission challenge. So, the Adventurers, Pathfinders and older club members will all follow the same regional challenge, but obviously choose the variation for their age group. Or each member of your club can choose their own preferred challenge.

They will need to let you know which ones they are doing e.g. 4 children will do the Adventurer SEC challenges, 3 Pathfinders want to attempt the NEC challenges, and 2 older youth will do the MG Welsh Mission challenge set, etc. Please choose all the regional challenges that will be attempted by your club on the first registration step, and the next page will allow you break it down further by age group categories.

Even though the camporee is finished, we would love to receive photos of people continuing to earn their medals. Please send them to pathfinders@adventist.uk


It is very important that you warm up properly before you begin any type of exercise, as cold muscles are easy to strain. Cooling down your muscles afterwards is also important. It is also vital to consult a physician if you have any type of condition that could affect your health when exercising.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required for underaged children, particularly those involving exercising, camping and cooking and any online research. It's so much more fun to work on the challenges as a family!

INSURANCE: You will need to ensure you are insured under your local club policy before you take part in these challenges. The British Union Conference will not be held liable for any injury or loss sustained as a result of participation in this virtual camporee. There is a tick-box to confirm that you are covered by your local club insurance on the individual and club challenge registration forms.