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We want all of your club members to accept the challenge to get involved in the BUC Virtual camporee. Here's how:

Choose your challenge by one of two routes:


Choose one challenge (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, North England, South England), for your entire club, and all your Adventurers, Pathfinders and MG/TLTs will work towards their level of that same challenge. As each person completes their individual challenges, they accrue points which contribute towards the club total. Earn extra points for your club by completing the bonus challenges and by getting parents and pastors involved!

Each person who completes every one of the month-long activities will be eligible for a medal relating to the particular chosen club challenge.


Each club member chooses which challenge they would like to aim for and that is their goal for the month.

Once again, as they complete their individual tasks, they will accrue points, and these will contribute to the club total.

As each person completes their tasks and activities, they are eligible for the medal relating to their challenge. Their points contribute to the club total and once again bonus points can be earned by involving parents and pastors.

When each individual completes their challenges, they will earn their medal relating to the particular challenge in which they participated.


Your role will be to coordinate and choose the challenges for your club. If as a club you all choose to complete the Scottish challenge, then enter your club code and select Scottish Challenge.

If your club members have all chosen different challenges, then enter your club code and select the relevant ones.

Don't worry if anything changes, you can update your challenge selection at any time by visiting the Challenges page on the website.

During the month, ask your club members to update you on their progress. They can send in videos, photos and other tasks for you to verify that they are completing their tasks. Upload these on Facebook, Instagram with the hashtag #BUCcamporee or email to Pastor Dejan with the title BUC Camporee and your club name. We will try and showcase these as possible on a daily basis during the challenge month.


As the challenges are completed, enter the details on the submissions page. The points they earn will be added to your club total. The top-scoring clubs in each category will be eligible for a prize ranging from a cash prize to BUC shop vouchers to BUC Camporee 2022 discounts.

    Club categories:
  • Small = 1-10 members
  • Medium = 11-30 members
  • Large = 31+ members

The more people who take part and complete their challenge, the more points your club will earn and the more chance of you winning a prize!


We know that some clubs from around the world would also like to participate and you are more than welcome to join in the fun! Choose your challenges as a club in the same way and off you go! We have prizes for our top-scoring international clubs too!

Visit our FAQs for more information


It is very important that you warm up properly before you begin any type of exercise, as cold muscles are easy to strain. Cooling down your muscles afterwards is also important. It is also vital to consult a physician if you have any type of condition that could affect your health when exercising.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required for underaged children, particularly those involving exercising, camping and cooking and any online research. It's so much more fun to work on the challenges as a family!

INSURANCE: You will need to ensure you are insured under your local club policy before you take part in these challenges. The British Union Conference will not be held liable for any injury or loss sustained as a result of participation in this virtual camporee. There is a tick-box to confirm that you are covered by your local club insurance on the individual and club challenge registration forms.

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